The Stiletto In Your Back - Now On Amazon!

The Stiletto In Your Back Front Cover Only For Blog

The Stiletto In Your Back: The Good Girl's Guide to Backstabbers, Bullies, Gossips & Queen Bees is now on Amazon. It’s a short and sweet quick overview of the evolutionary underpinnings of female rivalry… and specific tactical ways to protect yourself from the behavior. Enjoy!

Reviews from Amazon: 

"I was one of those 'good girls' in a very bad work environment. It got so bad that I couldn't handle it anymore and I had to leave my job! This book is definitely the good girl's guide! Wish I had read it back then! A 5 star book!”

"I loved the concept of this book. A quick read and interesting business perspective for women and men. Nice job.”

"This was a great reminder of our human instincts and how confronting issues promptly and professionally can make the world of a difference... It is a great thing to understand you and how real life drama can make you or break you, but just embrace it and carry on!”

"Very much to the point-reading what most women already know and yet don't think about until something bad happens. Needs to be re-read and shared with others."

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