MBTI® for Teams

The MBTI® is a tool that can help build strong teams. By using it as a starting point for greater self-awareness and shared understanding, we can help team members to communicate better, cooperate more effectively, develop problem-solving skills that match their type, be more accountable, and ultimately perform at a higher level overall. 

The MBTI® helps us to establish the core team type (based on the various individual types) so that we can capitalize on their strengths and shore up any weaknesses. We run half-day, full day or two-day sessions that use the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Inventory) to ease communication, reduce harmful conflict and develop strategies and action plans to maximize type preferences and increase productivity (and enjoyment!) at work. 

Using the MBTI benefits teams by:
→  Identifying areas of strength and weakness
→  Clarifying and understanding individual behavior as it relates to the team
→  Supplying a framework for understanding and handling conflict effectively
→  Improved problem solving
→  Capitalizing on diversity to reach more insightful conclusions
→  Matching people with assignments and responsibilities according to preferences
→ Tailoring rewards and incentives to individual motivations and preference

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Michelle Villalobos has been trained and qualified by CPP, Inc., the Publisher of the MBTI®, to properly administer and interpret the assessment. She studied under one of the foremost leaders in the industry, Dr. Charles R. Martin, past vice president of research and development for the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT). He was the architect of their MBTI® Qualifying Program and as such has authored or co-authored several books on the subject of Psychological Type and its applications. 

Michelle Villalobos is a personal branding expert, motivational and inspirational speaker and personal branding consultant based anywhere and everywhere.
Michelle leads a location-independent business and enjoys a nomadic lifestyle, traveling to new places to speak, consult and deliver workshops, seminars and keynotes,
especially for entrepreneur and women audiences. Contact Michelle by phone (888) 531-3830 or by email