MBTI® for Sales

Understanding and using Myers-Briggs for Sales is one of its most appropriate applications. By learning their own type, and as the other 15 types, salespeople are able to establish stronger, better relationships and increase the likelihood of closing sales and generating future business. 

For example, imagine a salesperson who has a preference for iNtuition (N), which means that they tend to give explanations that focus on possibilities and concepts. Meanwhile, if they are selling to a Sensing type (S), such a presentation will not be as powerful as one that discusses practical details, concrete data and current realities. Personality type can also give clues about things like whether they should communicate by email, phone or in person. 

If salespeople understand the behavioral cues that people exhibit, they can tailor their presentations accordingly. In our Type for Sales Workshops, we teach salespeople how to do this effectively, first by giving a basic overview of type, and then by applying the concepts through role-play and active learning.  

Sales Managers can also use the skills learned through MBTI to better motivate and inspire their teams. We can also combine a personality typing program with a team-building program.

Contact us to discuss what kind of program could address your team's specific objectives and challenges.

Michelle Villalobos has been trained and qualified by CPP, Inc., the Publisher of the MBTI®, to properly administer and interpret the assessment. She studied under one of the foremost leaders in the industry, Dr. Charles R. Martin, past vice president of research and development for the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT). He was the architect of their MBTI® Qualifying Program and as such has authored or co-authored several books on the subject of Psychological Type and its applications. 

Michelle Villalobos is a personal branding expert, motivational and inspirational speaker and personal branding consultant based anywhere and everywhere.
Michelle leads a location-independent business and enjoys a nomadic lifestyle, traveling to new places to speak, consult and deliver workshops, seminars and keynotes,
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