MBTI® for Managers & Leaders

We use the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Inventory) to ease communication, reduce harmful conflict and increase productivity in the workplace. By understanding different preferences, individuals can improve their ability to communicate, influence and bridge communication gaps.

Managers will learn how to manage strategically depending on the situation individual needs, and then shape their message to best suit the other person or people involved. 

Managers need to understand their type as well as how to read others, so that they can tailor communications to achieve the best outcome. The idea is for them to learn how to capitalize on his or her strengths while shoring up any weaknesses. 

We conduct individualized one-on-one sessions or group sessions to help managers become more self-aware and sensitive to the types of those they manage so that they delegate better, give appropriate feedback, inspire their team, help others become more accountable, and perform at a higher level overall. 

Contact us to schedule an initial assessment and obtain pricing. 

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