MBTI® Applications

Understanding personality type has applications throughout many aspects of business. We can use it to help you improve individual performance, strengthen teams, improve communication, reduce conflict, develop management, motivate employees, foster leadership and increase sales. 

Michelle Villalobos is certified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI®), which has been the most used personality test in business for 50 years.

MIVISTA focuses on three main applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:


Understanding and using Myers-Briggs for Sales is one of its most appropriate applications. By learning their own type as well as the other 15 types, salespeople are able to establish stronger, better relationships, tailor their "pitch" or presentation to prospects' preferred style of communication, and increase the probability of closing a sale and generating future business. The MBTI® can also help sales managers understand the dynamics of type on their team and how to best motivate their sales people in light of it. Click here for more info on Personality Type For Sales.


Uses: Easing communication among members of teams, identifying team strengths and weaknesses, creating plans of action to improve performance. 

Process: The MBTI helps us to establish the core team type (based on the various individual types) so that we can ease communication, reduce harmful conflict and increase productivity in the workplace. Choose from half-day, full day or two-day sessions. Click here for more info on Personality Type for Team Building & Groups.


The MBTI helps managers become more self-aware and sensitive to the types of those they manage so that they delegate better, give appropriate feedback, inspire their team, help others become more accountable, and perform at a higher level overall. Click here for more info on Personality Type for Managers & Leaders.

Keep in mind that we can develop a customized program based on your objectives. If you are interested in providing a program to your organization, contact us. 


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