Speeches, Workshops & Seminars

Why do companies like American Express, Bacardi, Burger King and Univisión hire Michelle Villalobos to educate and motivate their talent? 

Why do entrepreneur organizations like NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and The Office Depot Foundation ask Michelle to speak on branding? 

They do it because Michelle Villalobos leaves audiences inspiredmotivated and armed with new attitudes and perspectives on professional fulfillment and performance. As one attendee recently noted: when Michelle speaks, sparks fly.” 

Michelle's gift is to deliver "a-ha!" moments that slice through years of entrenched mindset, ineffective skills or flawed execution and – often in an instant! – get to the clarity, inspiration and energy that can transform outcomes. And audiences LOVE it. 

Audiences walk away feeling enlightened, excited and engaged with… which means they enjoy the ride, and remember the takeaways for years to come


"If you want to get ahead in your business or your career, people have to know who you are…. I can't say enough about what I've seen Michelle do to help people be in a position to be found, known and stand out."

– Nell Merlino 
Founder of Take Our Daughters To Work Day
Stepping Out Of Line



Personal Branding for Entreprenerus, Solo-preneurs & Owners

Personal Branding for Women (Both Entrepreneur and Corporate Audiences)

Personal Branding for Small Business 

To hire Michelle to present to your organization, company or group, please contact us here


You: The Business
Superstar Branding Strategies to Drive Leads, Raise Prices & Sell More
(When What You’re Selling Is YOU)

Self-employed service professionals are in a constant dance between sourcing business and executing it. You: The Business is the art of generating INBOUND leads and business, to free up time to focus on what they love (and what they do best), instead of pushing, peddling and promoting their services.

Ideal Audiences: Entrepreneurs, solo-professionals, freelancers, coaches, consultants, and even artists! Essentially anyone who’s selling their experience or expertise, and most especially their time or talent.

Past Clients: Variations of this presentation have been delivered at American Express CEO Bootcamp, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners,) and Ontrapalooza, with outstanding reviews (scroll down for some of those) 

Background: Personal branding is Michelle's signature topic. In May 2013, she won The Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge for an educational curriculum she developed about Personal Branding for solo-entrepreneurs called Make Them BEG. She also wrote Chapter 13 in Ivan Misner's Bestselling Book, Building The Ultimate Network, her chapter: From Nobody To Somebody: How To Quickly, Easily & Strategically Create A Personal Brand Online In 9 Easy Steps.

Related Sub-Topics for Breakouts, Workshops & Seminars: 

  • Pricing For Profit
    How To Raise Prices & Increase Your Business

  • Google-icious… Own Your Name, Control Your Destiny: 
    Build An Online Personal Brand In 30 Days, Using Only Free Online Tools
  • She-lebrity: A Woman’s Guide To Becoming A Superstar In Her Field
  • From Identity To Income: 
    The Professional Expert's Blueprint for Turning Passion Into Profit
  • Speaking For Sales: Public Speaking Strategies To Drive Business


"I’ve done Tony Robbins Unlimited Power (twice) and I’ve done Oprah Live… I’ve done all sorts of these types of programs. And I’m telling you that I’ve never gotten such big results from such a short session. It was just an hour, but a few days after the session… a client tried to haggle with me, [so] I applied…the “Red Sole” principle that Michelle taught and was able to maintain my price point and have the prospect “get” my value. 

– Crystal L. Allison 
Trusted Advisor, World Class Audit, Technology Risk & Advisory
Attended American Express Open CEO Bootcamp in


Poised for Promotion:
Superstar Branding Strategies To Climb The Corporate Ladder
(& Break The Glass Ceiling)

Learning how to position and promote yourself is a fundamental skill for business – and life. In this highly interactive program, audience members to take control of their career opportunities and advancement by mapping out a career trajectory that energizes and motivates them to get the next level. This is designed for corporate Women’s Leadership Initiatives and/or Diversity Initiatives.  

Ideal Audiences: Corporate, Diversity, Women in Business, Students. This presentation is especially relevant to diversity initiatives – i.e., female and Hispanic – because this pool of talent is often under-cultivated and/or underpromoted. This presentation will help them develop both the desire to "put themselves out there" as well as the skills to do it effectively. 

Past Clients: Variations of this presentation have been delivered to multiple American Express audiences, Burger King Corporate, WICT (Women In Cable Telecommunications) and SapientNitro.  

Related Sub-Topics for Breakouts, Workshops & Seminars: 

  • Get Along, Get Ahead, Get Promoted:

    Team-Building To Climb The Corporate 
Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)
  • You’re Not Crazy... It’s Just Your Personality
    Self-Awareness To Climb The Corporate Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)
  • Communicate Powerfully 
(Without Turning People Off)

    Asserrtive Communication To Climb The Corporate Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)
  • She-lebrity: A Woman’s Guide To Becoming A Superstar In Her Field


"Typically I am thrilled if I can walk away from a seminar with 1 key piece of information that I didn't know before. Michelle's Seminar had me captivated for 2 hours. I'm telling you that minute after minute I was learning vital information that was practical, useful, powerful and relevant.” 

– Dr. Todd Narson
Diplomate, American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians


From Uh-Oh to A-Ha: 
Blinding Flashes of Insight For Small Business Sales, Marketing & Profits

This program is designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional service providers experience "a-ha!" moments that lead to lasting transformation in marketing strategy to attract INBOUND business. It can be delivered in a variety of formats: as a keynote, workshop or "hot seat” session.

During this interactive session, Michelle highlights major blind spots common to entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Ideal Audiences:  Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, "Solopreneurs," Professional Service Providers (i.e., Accountants, Graphic Designers, Artists, Lawyers, PR Professionals, Healers, Freelancers, etc.).

Related Sub-Topics for Breakouts, Workshops & Seminars: 

  • Pricing For Profit
    How To Raise Prices & Increase Your Business

  • Overcome The Overwhelm… Strategies, Tools & Techniques For Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness In A Crazy World
  • Google-icious: Own Your Name… Control Your Destiny: The Easy Way To Develop An Online Personal Brand In 30 Days, Using Only Free Online Tools


"This event was truly career changing for me. I have always focused on our [posture] product more than my years of expertise as a posture specialist. After this event I realized the value in my unique experience and how to maximize and monetize it… [One year later,] by applying Michelle's signature process our sales and my personal value have doubled! Thanks Michelle you give it your all and you are amazing!

– Marina Prospero


No Cartwheels In The House! 
Superstar Self-Expression, Self-Reliance & Self-Acceptance In A "Fix Me" Culture

Most of us spend so much time focusing on what's wrong, on our challenges, and what we need to "fix," that we lose sight of our natural strengths. It's not our fault – we're brought up this way! 

Research shows, that when we focus on our weaknesses, we can only improve them a little bit (maybe 10% to 20%). When we focus on our strengths, however, we can see gains of 100%, 200% or more! This has huge implications for our happiness and our success. 

"No Cartwheels In The House" creates the kind of breakthrough that will have audiences feel uplifted, inspired and ready to take on the world – with their strengths. It can be customized, depending on the audience, using the below elements, which can be added or deleted. 

Ideal Audiences: All audiences. This is a UNIVERSAL THEME. Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, "Solopreneurs," Professional Service Providers, Students, Parents, Female, Diversity. Truly, this presentation is a crowd-pleaser for anyone. 

Related Sub-Topics for Breakouts, Workshops & Seminars:

  • Overcome The Overwhelm… 
    Strategies, Tools & Techniques For Superwoman Productivity
  • Communicate Powerfully (Without Being A Bit$#)
  • She-lebrity: A Woman’s Guide To Becoming A Superstar In Her Field


"Probably one of the most significant weekends of my life” - 10x better than [a similar event] out in Vegas, and I won a $2200 jackpot there….” 

– Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen Catering


Additional Workshop, Training & Breakout Topics:

You're Not Crazy… It's Just Your Personality Type
Michelle is certified to administer & interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), and was personally trained by one of the foremost experts in the industry. Myers-Briggs brings a whole new world of patience, understanding and communication among even the most diverse groups of people. For more information about Michelle’s work with Myers-Briggs, click here

Make Them BEG
Inbound Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses & Solopreneurs

Overcome The Overwhelm… 
Strategies, Tools & Techniques For Productivity, Efficiency & Effectiveness In A Crazy World

From Identity To Income
The Professional Expert's Blueprint for Turning Passion Into Profit

Google-icious: Own Your Name… Control Your Destiny
The Easy Way To Develop An Online Brand In 30 Days, 
Using Only Free Online Tools

Get Along, Get Ahead, Get Promoted:

Team-Building To Climb The Corporate 
Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)

You’re Not Crazy... It’s Just Your Personality
Self-Awareness To Climb The Corporate Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)

Communicate Powerfully 
(Without Turning People Off)

Asserrtive Communication To Climb The Corporate Ladder (& Break The Glass Ceiling)

Communicate Powerfully (Without Being A Bit$#)
Assertive Communication to Get Ahead In Any Field

Short Topics (under 30 minutes) Any of the below can be combined to create a new topic. 

→ The Lewinsky Principle (the fundamental principle of personal branding)
→ Shameless Self-Promotion* (generating visibility & credibility)
→ You're Not Crazy, It's Just Your Personality* (personality type)
→ It's Not Who You Know… It's Who Knows YOU!* (thought leadership)
→ The Gossip Theorem (having others brag for you)
→ The Jessica Phenomenon (the impact of attitude – and how to manage yours)
→ The Cheerleader Effect (collaboration / you are who you surround yourself with)
To Brand Yourself, You Must First Understand Yourself* (strengths-based branding)
No Cartwheels In The House* (strengths-based approach to leadership)
Make Them BEG* (inbound marketing, lead attraction)
Work & Play, Every Day* (work-life balance)
The Cabbage Patch Phenomenon (creating demand & scarcity) 
The Red Sole Effect (price/value matrix & pricing strategy) 
The Last Coca-Cola in The Desert (scarcity & pricing strategy)
In The Elevator With The Donald (elevator pitch polish)
Niche Pitch (identifying highly profitable niches to explore to raise value & price)
Vilfredo, My Hero (the Pareto Principle in action)
Premature Solicitation (effective – and not-so-effective – networking techniques)
The Lewinsky Principle (if you don't brand yourself, the world will do it for you)
Google-icious (optimizing online presence and search results for your name)
Shameless Self-Promotion (putting yourself "out there" for visibility & credibility)
It's Not Who You Know… It's Who Knows YOU! (personal branding, networking)

* Can be extended into a longer session, if desired.


"Before the session [with Michelle Villalobos] I was blocked and a bit disengaged from life in general. During the weekend retreat Michelle chiseled away at these blocked areas.... I left feeling awakened, inspired, engaged, and empowered to make it happen. [When we started,] I had low to middle sales at my office and I am now holding the highest sales for the past three months…. Anyone considering working with Michelle should take the plunge. I can't say thank you enough!

– Trisha Deaton Pasciak 
Commercial Auto Insurance Underwriting


 Consider An Add-On…

If you're considering Michelle for a keynote, she can likely “fill in” gaps at your event. Since she’ll already be there, take advantage and maximize her presence. Michelle can deliver any of the above topics to both large audiences, as well as to small, intimate groups as interactive, hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves and get-to-work sessions, with more tactical elements. Michelle also offers the below…

Onstage Facilitation & Brainstorming

Michelle wrote the manual on creative meeting facilitation and effective brainstorming (literally! download it here) and can make any live session both effective AND fun. She’s done numerous corporate, non-profit & government retreats. Michelle will prepare the session, define your meeting goals, prioritize your issues, and facilitate a program tailored to the outcomes you need. Results guaranteed. 

Onstage Interviews

If you want your CEO or anyone else to look like a superstar onstage, Michelle can will interview them in a relaxed, casual and seemingly off-the-cuff style… while ensuring that key points are made and your objectives are met. 

"Elevator Pitch" Polish

If you were caught in an elevator with Donald Trump, what would you say? Michelle faciitates a fun, interactive session to help your audience members develop a short, interesting and succinct description of who they are, and what they do. Warning! Learning and hilarity will ensue. 


We had overwhelmingly positive feedback [from the Personal Branding Workshop]… and already recommended Michelle for more engagements. [She is] onto a winner here!

– Lizzie Brown
American Express, following the Women in Technology Event, NYC

“It seems that after having clarified my mind and understood the mechanism of success during the [event], it all comes in a much more obvious and easy way than before: I am more focused, I know better what I want, who I am, and most importantly what are my assets; I also “look” much more confident, and that seems very attractive to the people I work with.… and great things start to happen. For example, I will have my first big advertising shooting for Chanel in a few days, for the exact amount that i focused on during the [workshop]…

– Theodora Richter
Theodora Richter Photography, www.TheodoraRichter.com

I’ve done Tony Robbins Unlimited Power (twice) and I’ve done Oprah Live… I’ve done all sorts of these types of programs. And I’m telling you that I’ve never gotten such big results from such a short session. It was just an hour, but I applied one of the principles Michelle taught with a client negotiation that I was going through a few days after the session, and the client tried to haggle with me. I applied the “Red Sole” principle that Michelle taught and was able to maintain my price point and have the prospect “get” my value.

– Crystal Allison
World Class Audit/Allison Consulting Group
Attendee, American Express OPEN CEO Bootcamp, Chicago 2014

What a great session and you have no idea how relevant your approach was in terms of our challenges back in Australian. We have a stack of small business struggling to engage the market and wanting substantial funds to advertise. Thank you for such a great presentation – wish you well.

– Warring Neilsen
Director Government Relations, Gas Energy Australia
Attendee, Following WLPGA World Liquid Petroleum & Gas Association Presentation

If I look at my life prior to meeting you, I am presently embarking on the “miraculous”… The first meeting at your office was an explosive wake-up call!… You zoned in on my inner essence and simultaneously elicited words, adjectives, colors and a futuristic vision as if you were living inside me!

– Martin Cohen
Relationship Coach, Following Consulting & Coaching Work with Michelle

The Superstar Speaker Academy with Michelle Villalobos was probably one of the most significant weekends of my life – 10x better than [a similar event] I went out to in Vegas, and I won a $2200 jackpot there….

– Bill Hansen
Bill Hansen Catering

WOW Michelle! Indeed double WOW! I sure enjoyed your animated and educational Presentation (in Boca) last week… Lady, You rock!

– Evelyn Dayan
World HR/Career Coaching/Outplacement/Cultural & Intergenerational Diversity Consulting

Following 3-Hour International Coaching Federation (ICF) Workshop by Michelle Villalobos on Pricing Strategy"I would be remiss if i did not share with you how important your contribution to the City Year Career Day was. We are especially pleased with our newfound partnership and appreciate your efforts to the success of our day. We look forward to future partnerships with Mivista. We appreciate your stepping in on a moment's notice and effortless presentation. The students walked away with valuable information for years to come.

– Jeanie Hernandez
Comcast Area Director, Government & Community Investment

"MIVISTA'S Strategy Workshops are a grounding experience. It does not matter how smart or successful you are in your field, the fact is that you need to constantly realign and reassess your business mission, goals and principles, especially in today's ever-changing world. Not doing this is like never getting a physical. You feel great and nothing seems wrong, until one day you find out you're not as healthy as you thought you were. It's about preventing, anticipating, adjusting and reacting. It gives you vision. For me it was like "de-fragmenting" the hard-drive of my business. We were able to organize all of the fragments of my enterprise and helped me reassemble them and position my company on the right track!"

– Eduardo Cofresi, Founder & President, 
Cofresi Group Real Estate Sales & Marketing
Hired MIVISTA to conduct a Strategic Realignment Workshop

"[Michelle Villalobos] developed a program that helped to solidify our company vision and generate buy-in among employees. She created company-wide workshops and department-level workshops that ultimately focused the company around the common principles that we believe will make us successful and profitable in the long run."

– Jorge Plasencia
Chairman & CEO, República, LLC.

"Michelle is an outstanding business consultant and coach, with a keen ability to help any organization identify key strengths and weaknesses in developing effective strategies to maximize income and potential. Her professionalism and expertise in the field are evident from the onset, and allow her clients to feel secure in collaborating to forge new paths to success. Furthermore, I strongly recommend Michelle to any organization or professional seeking to utilize a business consultant to capitalize on their resources and potential. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Integrity." 

– David Suarez, MBA
CEO, Interactive Training Solutions

"I have seen Michelle E. Villalobos facilitate groups, and I have witnessed her creativity, charm, wit and knowledge. I recommend her without hesitation, knowing that her ability and credentials to train and motivate are outstanding."

– Ellen Brazer
Owner DA Group Construction
Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors

"Michelle was able to successfully bring together an entire workplace that operated in segregated silos, and over the course of a Saturday morning, bring everyone together to a common goal. It became very clear early on that everyone's voice in the room was equal and that's when everyone's mouths and ears lit up more than ever within the company. She was able to successfully facilitate the group's emotions, taking skepticism and transforming it into what it really was, work frustration, and then most importantly, energizing the group to work together towards something better."

– Mike Plasencia, President of Casencia Group
Harvard Business School MBA
Participated in Multiple Strategic Workshops

“Michelle Villalobos totally blew me away. Her level of knowledge and expertise is truly impressive. She has tremendous facility communicating which makes working with her easy. The results we achieved exceeded my expectations."

– Gian Carlo Alonso
CB Richard Ellis Brokerage Services
Attended "Improv for Business" Workshop

"I wanted to personally thank you for the presentation at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce [The Perfect 10 In Sales – Part I: The First 10 Seconds]. The personal critique/recommendations you made with reference to my new website were invaluable. In fact, I've just changed the name of the site to LuxeSwaps.com. The reaction of the audience solidified my feeling that this had to be done." 

– Roseanna Martino
Director Business Development
BridalSwap.net (now LuxeSwaps.com)

"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Villalobos on a partnership seminar here at the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. Michelle's professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity made the event a great success. We had initially only anticipated 30 participants but when 50 showed up instead, Michelle took the reigns and handled the group perfectly. Michelle has an infectious passion for her work that inspires and motivates everyone she comes into contact with. I'm looking forward to working on future projects with her and will gladly recommend her services. 

– Franchesca Ramsey
Communications Manager
Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Great job! The workshop [The Perfect 10 in Sales - Part I: The First 10 Seconds] was super super super awesome. People really enjoyed it, they really thought it was informative and I got TONS of good feedback!

– Jason Hagopian
Chairman, Emerging Leadership Council, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
Principal, TSAO DesignGroup

"Worthwhile. Informative. Challenging. Those were just a few of the comments I heard after your workshop [Perfect 10 in Sales Part II] last week. YOU ROCK!"

– T Gomez
Brides Rule

“Michelle, you did a great job in front of an atypical audience. You adapted well and they all were listening to you. Great job!" 

– Spero Canton
Comcast, Regional Director of Public Relations & Host of Comcast Newsmakers

"I can not thank you guys enough for the content delivered at Business Boot Camp for Women. I am so happy I attended. You guys put in simple terms and excercises what can seem to be a daunting task when starting a business. Thanks to this workshop I learned some new tips that will only make my business path much smoother. I was also able to meet an amazing group of women who I am sure will just be an added support system to me and my business in the future. I will definitely recommend this to anyone starting their business."

– Julissa Fernandez
Synergy Communications


 Jason Beukema
CEO, Whet Travel

"Michelle did a GREAT job.” 

– Jessica Londono
The Advantaged Yacht Charters

"I attended a personal Mission Statement Workshop led by Michelle Villalobos, of Mivista Consulting, through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. I went into this session with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. At the end of the day, I was delighted that I had attended; it was an extremely rewarding experience. Writing my personal mission statement made it possible for me to revisit the core reasons that made me the successful person I am today, both professionally and personally. I continue to work on that mission statement every week. Michelle, thank you so much for that rewarding experience, and I look forward to working with you in the future."

– Steven R. Soso
Turner Construction Company

"I highly recommend MIVISTA's Personal Mission Statement Workshop for people who are trying to find their path and direction. For me, the workshop really shed light on how I can organize my talents and skills to utilize them in reaching my ultimate life goals. MIVISTA Consulting helps you get your life on track, by facilitating this creative learning experience to get you thinking about your future and how you'll get there. I would suggest this to any of my colleagues and friends. 

– Ryan Gonzalez
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami

"What can I say?  I cannot believe how amazing yesterday was, on so many levels.  And guess what? I feel the incredibly positive impact it had on me more today than yesterday...because I've slept and it is sinking in. Your tips were invaluable. I could probably write a book about how I feel, but I must keep it brief.... The tools I walked away with have already made a difference for me.... I feel renewed, re-energized, and so ready to launch what I believe is my true calling.... I think I am fortunate to have even discovered what I really love and would like to do for a living - I'm sure most people never even get there.... You and David are extremely talented coaches - charismatic, interesting, energetic, funny and intelligent.... you make an awesome team.  It was so much fun.  And the women I was fortunate enough to meet were awesome, as well. Wow."

– Mia Scornavacca
Happily Organized

Your presentation [Stop Drowning in Business Cards] was terrific!  Fast paced, informative, easy to understand, usable and you put your personality into it. Thanks so much!

– Ann M. Meacham
President, Leadership Dynamics, Inc.

"I just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop (You: The Online Brand). I was at the July 16 event, at which point my website was ranking at about the 10th page on Google when I searched for my name (even searching for my name + "writer" brought me in at about the third page). I took your advice and just last week noticed that for the first time, my home page ranks on the very first page! It's really amazing that my rankings could change so drastically in just two months. Thanks so much for your help."

– Natalia Maldonado
Freelance Writer & Editor, www.nmaldonado.com

"I had the privilege of attending your workshop seminar You: The Online Brand earlier today. The seminar had me captivated for 2 hours and I could easily have gone for 2 more. The information was incredibly relevant to today's business environment.

You presented detailed key information about how to get your name/business out there in the virtual marketplace and how to make sure YOU are pulled up in Google and Yahoo searches to make YOU stand from the crowd. Ultimately your information showed us how YOU can own the internet for yourself and your company.

Typically I am thrilled if I can walk away from a seminar with 1 key piece of information that I didn't know before. I'm telling you that minute after minute I was learning vital information that was practical, useful, powerful and relevant. 

You speak in a very colorful and entertaining style. Your information was clear, easy to understand and very well organized. Today, I walked away with a lot of useful information. Kudos to you Michelle. Awesome Job!!! Whatever you're teaching next, I'll be there; sharpie in hand and with friends. Thank you!"

– Dr. Todd Narson
Diplomate, American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

Michelle is wonderful to work with. She lights up a room, she motivates, excites and leaves everyone with practical tools they can use to grow their businesses 

– Jamie Kushnick 
Magazine Sales & Marketing Consultant 

"The first thing that strikes you about Michelle is 'personality plus.' She has a vivaciousness and joie de vivre that are immediately apparent.... Personality and energy, of course, do not make for success in and of themselves... Michelle is that rare breed who is exceptionally intelligent, able to absorb large amounts of information, analyze a situation, bring creativity and innovation to the table, [and] set and exceed her goals.... She loves people, knows how to motivate them and they respond to her."

– Susan Lanoue
President, Lanoue Fine Art, Boston

"It has been my pleasure to have worked with Michelle during her tenure as Executive Publisher of Ocean Drive Español Magazine. As Michelle had identified a market niche for increased readership we went to work to create a unique golf experience to specifically reach those targets. Over several years I watched Michelle lead her team in implementation of her vision. The strategy worked! New advertisers were secured and long term relationships established for the magazine. I am still impressed with Michelle’s ability to recognize opportunities and her discipline and drive to successfully pursue them. I highly recommend her services to help clients enhance their business strategies and establish plans for success."

– Joe Gill
Managing Partner, The Golf Consultancy

"Michelle has a knack for distilling complicated conversations to extract substance without sacrificing quality of message. It is a unique talent to facilitate conversations by making the participants comfortable, the dialogue focused and the results pertinent."

– Rodrigo B. Gonzalez
VP of Strategy, República, LLC

"I worked with Michelle for several years during which she set our business strategy and managed its execution. I found her to be an inspiring and motivating leader who brought together many perspectives and personalities and focused them in on shared goals. She was nurturing and supportive, someone who welcomed participation, encouraged dialogue and provided guidance. Michelle is also an insightful and strategic thinker who quickly analyzes issues to find practical solutions. On a personal level, Michelle is charming and warm. I can honestly say she is the best person I've ever worked with."

– Penelope Moulinos
Ocean Drive Español, Niche Media Holdings, LLC

"Michelle is a dedicated, creative and detail-oriented leader whose strategic vision and expertise are invaluable."

– Claudia Friedman Zuniga, Promotions & Events Director
Ocean Drive Magazine, Niche Media Holdings, LLC

"Ms. Villalobos has been an invaluable contributor to the growth of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. As a committee leader with innovative and strategic ideas, Michelle has helped us to increase revenues. She's led results-producing brainstorming sessions and enhanced our business development portfolio. Her style is engaging and her contributions are always innovative and forward-thinking. She continues to be a resourceful contributer to our organization." 

– Cheyenne Palma
VP Development, Big Brothers Big Sisters

"Michelle is an invaluable asset and stand out human being. Her work is always detail oriented and impressive. If her passion and results with our non-profit could be compensated financially, she would certainly receive the maximum amount of bonuses.” 

– David Restainer
Chairman Impact Circle, Big Brothers Big Sisters Greater Miami & Sales Director, Fortune International Real Estate


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Michelle Villalobos is a personal branding expert, motivational and inspirational speaker and personal branding consultant based anywhere and everywhere.
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especially for entrepreneur and women audiences. Contact Michelle by phone (888) 531-3830 or by email