Superstar Jumpstart Program & 3-Day Retreat

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The Superstar Jumpstart Program is a 1-month Immersion Program personally run by Michelle. Aside from VIP days, this is the only way to initially work with Michelle live in person. This program includes our Foundational Superstar Brand & Business 3-Day Retreat. 

We are committed to ensuring that the program can meet your needs and that you can get the outcomes you need and want, so if you are interested, we start with an initial – complimentary – Superstar Strategy Session, to ensure that we are a right “fit."  

Ready to go? Please click here and fill out our Superstar Strategy Session Application. We will get back to you within 24 hours and schedule you for a 45-minute conversation to explore your current situation, your needs and if/how we can support you. 

Big Picture:

The Superstar Jumpstart Program includes our famous 3-Day Retreat, which is an intensive strategic deep dive weekend for you to quickly achieve brand clarity, narrow your focus and develop an action plan for your business.  

The retreat has been perfected and honed to achieve incredibly powerful outcomes, and to give you intense professional growth and transformation in just 3 days. Anything is possible for your business and your brand through the Superstar Retreat, and we are 100% committed to achieving the outcome you seek, guaranteed*.

*Performance Guarantee:

Guaranteed means 100% satisfaction, no exceptions. Michelle is completely and totally committed to excellence and outcomes and stands by her work and YOUR results.

Ready to take some action? Click here to apply for a Strategy Session and have a conversation with us to explore.


What qualifies Michelle to conduct this program? For starters, Michelle has facilitated high-level sessions and retreats for major corporate clients, including Frito-Lay, Audi Latin America, Inktel Direct and Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle all the way to small companies (with BIG ideas). Her insights and direction have been invaluable to her clients (see testimonials below). 

Next, Michelle wrote the manual on group meeting facilitation and strategic brainstorming (literally, she published a manual called: “Breakthrough Brainstorming: The Ultimate Guide.”) 

The Superstar Jumpstart Program & 3-Day Retreat is the culmination of years of training, education and experience in various fields. To learn more about Michelle’s background and credentials, click here

How The Program Works:

Once you sign up for the Superstar Jumpstart Program, you’ll start with some personality assessments and a prep call to establish your objectives for the retreat and also to run through your testing results. We do this to ensure that we understand and capture your objectives so that we can be sure to achieve the outcomes you seek. Since we guarantee this program, this is an essential foundational step

The retreat starts at 9 am on Day 1, and runs through late afternoon on Day 3. Here is the schedule:

Day 1 - 9 AM to 6:30 PM, “Family Dinner" from 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Day 2 - 9 AM to 6:30 PM
Day 3 - 10 AM to 5:30 PM (with a working lunch)

After the retreat, you will also have at least one follow up call to ensure satisfaction and to evaluate your outcomes. This is important because satisfaction is guaranteed. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What will we cover?

At the very least, you will evaluate your entire personal brand, business model, marketing efforts, promotions and sales strategy. In addition, based on your pre-retreat strategy session with Michelle, you will also cover what you need to cover to achieve your individual outcomes.  

Who attends the retreat?

The retreat is limited to at most 10 high-level, prequalified people who have all been pre-screened by us. People are evaluated for several factors that contribute to success, and sometimes people are not a fit. Not everyone who wants to attend the retreat is able to, so rest assured that you will be with high-level professionals committed to outcomes just like you are. 

What qualities are you looking for?

We are looking for rising superstars. That’s who we want to work with, and that’s who wants to work with us. Most of our clients are also people who want to attract business and want to position themselves as visible, credible experts in their fields. To that end, we screen participants to ensure that they value excellence and are professional, respectful, honest, ambitious and have high integrity. 

How To Participate:

We run the Superstar Jumpstart Program & 3-Day Retreat 4 times/year.

To learn more, start by clicking here to apply for a Superstar Strategy Session or call (888) 531-3830. 


They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and that’s exactly how I feel about Michelle and the retreat. After celebrating 3 years in business I was frustrated – feeling that I was working hard but not reaping the rewards and seeing the progress I should be. I’d worked with other coaches and taken other programs but nothing seemed to fit me or my situation. I kept thinking that I just need someone who could guide ME with what to do with MY business – not a cookie-cutter plan. And then I found Michelle. Within days of our first conversation I had generated more money than in the prior month in my business. At the retreat she helped each of us hone in on how to structure our businesses to create what works for each of us and utilizes our talents. And the group worked together to help each other identify blind spots and perfect our vision and brand. We all walked away with specific plans and action steps to execute. More importantly we also walked away with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who will support each other in reaching our goals. My biggest a-ha was to really “own” my niche and understand how focusing on one area allows me to quickly identify how to leverage opportunities (and pass on what doesn’t fit). I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited for the start of a year as I have for 2015. For the first time ever I’m not just hoping for a great year – I have the focus, tools and support to CREATE a great year! Thank you Michelle!!

LeeAnn Webster

There are no words to describe the intensive retreat except if you don't go, you may end up wasting lots of time and monies in the wrong focus, vision & journey. I went in thinking I had a certain brand when I actually came up with what's really my passion, and what I really should concentrating on. Michelle and the dynamic 10 helped me see what I could not. Not to mention I have continued since the retreat to connect as a family with the retreat group. Unforgettable focus just like someone stopping you along a journey and telling you, here's a better way or this is truly the way you need to go...

Ivette Agusti
Master Manifester & Owner/Founder, I Am Equilibrium Holistic Gym

I don't believe in coincidence and attending Michelle's 3 day Master mind was Gods plan for me. Indeed when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Before the master mind I had been preparing myself to meet that teacher and it's been a pleasure to meet Michelle. She is creative, strategic, supportive and a superstar. During the master mind I was able to narrow down my niche with the help of all the ladies who had great advice to share. It was very inspiring to be surrounded by fearless women who have big dreams to make a positive impact in the world. I now have 10 new growth friends and I am so happy. I've been searching for them for a while (my husband needs a brake-lol). After the master mind and still today I am pumped, excited and extremely motivated to make a BIG positive difference in the world with the gifts and talents God has given me. Please keep me in your prayers.

Maria Delgado
Founder, The Enlightened Health Movement

The 3-Day Retreat has been a life changing experience for me. In fact, I have attended twice. Each experience is totally different because I learned not only from Michelle Villalobos but from professionals, talented and amazing individuals that comprise the Mastermind team. Before the retreat, I had not idea how I was going to produce my events, monetize it, and do what I love (teaching and speaking). Michelle gave a road map to brand myself, produce my events and finally monetize it. It is awesome to see how a dream that's being in your head for years comes to life in a matter of 3 days. I am truly honored for being part of Michelle's team and being exposed to great people. Thank you, Michelle

Ithamar Melendez Urdaneta 
Speaker, Author & Founder, “Mujer Próspera y Feliz"

I went into this retreat unsure of my business plan and how I was going to brand myself and my business Extraordinary Money Making Kids. Through the retreat I was able to verbalize and work on my concerns and some concerns I didn't even know I really had!! We created a business plan, 90 day plan and 1 year plan. I now am much clearer on the specifics and direction for my business. I really loved having the support of Michelle Villalobos and the other 9 powerful, awesome thought leaders in the room. Loved the masterminding of the group so we could each get out of the weekend what we came for and even stuff we didn't know we came for!!! Love you all and wish everyone the most success and prosperity in their business and life!!!!

Stephanie Pimental
Extraordinary Moneymaking Kids

Working with Michelle Villalobos in a Mastermind format has been an amazing and life altering journey. Before the session I was blocked and a bit disengaged from life in general. During the weekend retreat Michelle chiseled away at these blocked areas. She has lots of tools, contacts, suggestions, and ideas that she freely shares to teach and improve us all. We also brainstormed for solutions to get me on my way to discover my passions/work. I left feeling awoken, inspired, engaged, and empowered to make it happen. Since beginning this journey with a new job as an insurance business auto underwriting in June of 2014, I had low to middle sales at my office and am now holding the highest sales for the past three months. Her approach which is done in a transparent and encouraging way definitely works. Anyone considering working with Michelle should take the plunge. I can't say thank you enough!

Trisha Deaton-Pasciak
Insurance Underwriter

The 3-day Superstar Retreat was definitely worth it! I am confident I will achieve my lofty goals, and so will all of the other amazing women I met at the event, The retreat was more like a workshop; it really helped me refine my purpose, create a mission statement, and learn a step-by-step system to accomplish my goals while achieving my purpose. Michelle Villalobos is an amazing woman. Aside from being an incredible teacher who really cares, she is a successful entrepreneur that shared her experiences with us, both good and bad. I learned so much this past weekend. Michelle mapped out an individual plan for each of us, including a business model, pricing, and strategies to increase profits. Michelle gave us the tools necessary to succeed and make our businesses more profitable. She also helped us to define our individual brands and taught us different ways to market ourselves and build a successful team based on the Wealth Dynamics Profile. I have accomplished more in the 4 days since the Retreat than I have in the past 3 months!!! I am so excited and motivated to create the life I have always dreamed of. Thank you Michelle Villalobos, you are truly a Superstar!!!!

Alison Colberg 
EFT Expert & Educator

It's been said that the carpenter's house is never built. That definitely could describe my business going into Michelle's 3-Dayretreat. After years of helping other small business owners define their company's target market, brand messaging, and sales process, my own still left much to be desired. The 3-Day gave me the perfect environment to vet my ideas with an objective group, get clarity around my personal vs company brand (and which to focus on developing), and create a more well-defined process for qualifying, segmenting, and ultimately selling to my customer base. I now explain my value proposition much more clearly, am receiving more referrals, and sped up my sales cycle. Revenues this month are already up 16% over last year's monthly average, and the processes and model I've put in the place since the retreat are set up to scale. Thanks Michelle!

Will Dukes
Sales Partners, Miami

I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years, but I have never experienced the growth and learning that was packed into this 3 day retreat! All the "STARS" aligned for me literally and I was able to reach a new level of understanding that will be with me for the rest of my life. I know after the knowledge I have gained from this experience that the rest of my journey in life and business are truly on purpose with my spiritual convictions! The groups energy and counseling also served to elevate everything to new heights of enlightenment. What a blessing. I can not be in deeper gratitude of having found Michelle and her methods of bringing out the best in us!! Thanks Ladies as well for becoming instant yet lifelong friends.

Beatrice Pila-Gonzalez 
Owner, B. Pila Design

Today I completed my Super Star Branding Academy 3 day retreat and it was the MOST amazing, liberating experience! You see when I first metMichelle Villalobos I immediately knew she would lead me to success! she told me I was a STAR and that my light needed to shine! She said she would get me there, better yet! she believed her and I could make magic together. There was a huge problem though... I didn't believe I could. This retreat however has shown me a realm of endless possibilities. The first day of the retreat was a total success! 10 women came together along with Michelle herself and her amazing team and brought to the table passion, creativity, vulnerability, hope, even fear! By the third day we all ended the retreat with a plan of action! We all had direction! The choice of opportunity but most importantly the love and support of one another. I loved the level of determination we gained from this experience throughout the weekend. I want you to know that I NOW believe I AM A STAR! I can aim high! And I now have 90 days to create my brand and start my journey. The amazing part is that I now know how to do so!!! Before this weekend, I was clueless. This retreat is beyond AWESOME! I highly recommend everybody to try it! Thank you so much ladies! Excited is an understatement ... Now let's get to work.

Claudia Saillant 
Speaker, Champion Power Lifter & Founder of Be Your Strong & Sexy Self

The 3 days last weekend brought me clarity and focus. Every moment was engaging and resourceful with opportunities to connect with intelligent committed authentic women:) I am now clear and focused on my goals short-term/long-term plans and committed to the steps to get there. I'm different with a renewed sense of self, purpose and focus. Michelle Villalobos you definitely served us at the highest level - thank you. Bring it 2015!! I'M READY, I'M OPEN, I'M HERE!!!

Cindy Rodriguez 
Founder of The Skinny Strong Movement

I recently attended Michelle Villalobos’ Superstar 3 Day Retreat and it was an amazing experience.  Michelle is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm and she presents a wealth of information in a short period of time.  This retreat was packed with valuable tools, techniques, suggestions and critiques.  Michelle is focused and kept the group on track to help us formulate our mission and identify our hero’s journey.  We learned about price strategy, and perceived value, about sales conversions and personal branding.  These are just a few of the topics we covered.  The information and generosity of Michelle and her awesome staff was overwhelming.  Before working with Michelle I knew nothing about the business world and I now realize that I was undervaluing the programs that I was offering.   I’ve developed a plan although I recognize that the first casualty of war is the plan.  But I’m ready to get going with my strategic roadmap.  So world, watch out!

Peggy Gaines
Speaker, Educator & Expert on Meditation

It seems that after having clarified my mind and understood the mechanism of success during the retreat, it all comes in a much more obvious and easy way than before : I am more focused, I know better what I want, who I am, and most importantly what are my assets ; I also "look" much more confident, and that seems very attractive to the people I work with. I also know how to show what I want in a non begging way... and great things start to happen. For example, I will have my first big advertising shooting for Chanel in a few days, for the exact amount that i focused on during the retreat... Thank you Michelle !!!”

Theodora Richter
Professional Photographer

Michelle Villalobos is a personal branding expert, motivational and inspirational speaker and personal branding consultant based anywhere and everywhere.
Michelle leads a location-independent business and enjoys a nomadic lifestyle, traveling to new places to speak, consult and deliver workshops, seminars and keynotes,
especially for entrepreneur and women audiences. Contact Michelle by phone (888) 531-3830 or by email