*ALL NEW* Web Video Workshop, 2010

Jessica Lurie & me photo from The Headshot Workshop

Video is the future of the internet. It can help drive traffic to your website, establish you as an "expert" in your field, and provides a way to "connect" with your audience and potential clients in a way that's second only to them meeting you in person – and sometimes even better than that! 

And these days, with so much business conducted online, your online image is as important as your in-person one.

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email marketing are the cornerstone of your online image. If you're in sales, marketing, PR (especially if you're self-employed,) you can't afford not to be using these tools. But there's a lot more to it than social media... 

These days, prospects and clients are likely to google you and see your online presence before they ever meet you in person! Some people are even saying that "Google is the new resume" because even if you do meet someone in person, chances are they'll google you if they're interested in learning more.

When people look for you online... What do they see?

When people Google you, friend you in Facebook or look you up LinkedIn, does what they see represent you well? Is your personal brand consistent across platforms? Is your profile photo attractive and reflective of that brand? Are you using video to maximize exposure online?

If not, you're missing out on an opportunity...

How important is video?

It's really important! The fact is, using a web video allows people to feel like they "know" you before you even meet. 

I know what you're thinking: Just set up a video camera on a tripod and start talking! Well, it's not THAT simple. See you've got to make sure that you're delivering something of VALUE that people will want to see. The biggest mistake people make when they create online videos is that they get in front of a camera, and do a video "brochure" – that doesn't really work. 

What contributes to a great online video? 

Online video must do 3 things (or at least 2 out of 3 things): Educate, Entertain and Inform. That's what makes videos go "viral." But your video doesn't necessarily have to go viral or generate millions of hits – it simply has to engage and tell a story, a story that will appeal to your audience or target market and make them take the next step towards working with you: whether that's a phone call, to sign up for your email list or even a straight-up purchase.

If you're thinking about creating a short web video, then we can help. 

This is what we can do:

1. Create a short, 1-2 minute web video that captures your unique brand and your unique selling proposition.

2. It needs to be strategic - in other words, you need to know what the purpose of the video is: to generate traffic? phone calls? leads? click-throughs? We'll help you determine that strategy and create the video that executes it.

3. It needs to be relevant and deliver value to the audience that you're targeting. 

4. Strangely enough, web video doesn't have to be ultra-high, commercial TV quality – web video is more forgiving. Function and content are more important than super-duper-high-quality film. 

5. Authentic - It should be overly scripted or staged. Even though you can prepare, the best web videos show your personality, or the personality of your business! Just because you're getting a professional video, doesn't mean that the photo has to be generic, cheesy, or boring.

In fact, whether your brand is "Earth Mother," "Badass Exec," "Girl-Next-Door Entrepreneur," "Marketing Queen," "Trustworthy Financial Planner," "Kooky Artist" or something completely different, a video can and should project your unique brand. 

Furthermore, your video needs to be properly deployed – posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, on your website and even on other websites.

Are you starting to see how a web video can help you really start to use social media more effectively? So how do you get a great video? I'm so glad you asked ;)

The Video Workshop: Your One-Stop Online Image, Personal Branding & Professional Video Experience

We can help you take control of your online brand AND we're going to shoot your brand-new, attractive, unique, perfectly branded online video.

The Video Workshop is the easiest, most comprehensive and most cost-effective (not to mention fun!) way to get a professional video that properly reflects your brand online, 

In addition to a one-on-one session with me to guide you in managing your personal brand and your online presence, our videographer will shoot a video of you that we will determine ahead of time on a phone brainstorming and marketing session with me (Michelle Villalobos). 

When it's all done, you'll receive a CD with your video AND we'll tell you what to do with it too - where to put it and how. If you already have a website, we'll tell your designer/web developer what to do with it. And if not, we'll even upload it to YouTube for you and tag it with the proper key words.

During the workshop we'll also personally review and evaluate your online presence, giving you concrete ways to to deploy your video and your brand online and off for greater success. 

This is one of the coolest events we've ever done. What's not to love? Get a fabulous online video, solidify your personal brand, revamp your online presence & have fun!

A quick rundown of what you'll get:

1. A strategic web video that captures your unique brand.

2. A complete analysis of your online presence, including your website, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter, and concrete suggestions for improving them.

3. A compelling, authentic 30-second "elevator pitch" (or "teaser") that you can use when networking or when put on the spot, plus one-on-one training in delivering it and using it – both in person and online.

1. The Video

Okay okay. You get it. You need an online video. But I'm sure you either have a Flip, or perhaps a friend who can do it for you, right? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyone can shoot a photo. Not everyone knows how to make sure you're unique personality and brand are captured in a way the works for you online. We do – we guarantee it.

First off, we define your brand and figure out the best way to capture it on film. I, Michelle Villalobos, personally do all of the preliminary work (establishing your brand, discussing wardrobe, hair, makeup and props) to make sure you get the perfect video. 

Our videographer is Ivonne Amor from Raven Avenue Productions. She is a very media-savvy 3-time Emmy Award-winning writer, who also does video production, media training, PR and marketing.  

We'll make sure your video "fits" you – your personality, your business, your unique look. You'll love it - I promise (and guarantee it). 

2 & 3 The Workshop & "Elevator Pitch" (Teaser)

In addition to shooting your headshot, we'll also consult with you to help you craft and deploy your online brand. We'll:

– Determine the social media and online profile choices that align with your brand
- Teach you the quickest, easiest ways to QUICKLY take control of your online brand
- Choose the right social media for your specific goals and objectives
– Learn what you need to do to "own your name" all over the web.
– Evaluate your image for consistency across all platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, website, etc.)
– Guide you in effectively deploying and managing your online presence.

You can easily take control of your online presence, just by following the strategic steps we'll give you. 

We will take a look at all of your online profiles and tell you exactly what you need to make them better – based on your particular online and business objectives. I'll tell you exactly what you need to put, and where to put it, during your session. 

We take such care with our appearance every day. For example, I recently read that the average woman spends 55 minutes a day grooming! What are you doing to manage your image online? Chances are, you're not spending 55 minutes a day – at least not strategically. We'll teach you the essentials of what you can do to easily and effectively manage your online presence.

Price & Payment

First, a quick rundown of the value of each of these services individually.

→ Video: A professionally shot web video can cost between $1000 & $2000, edited.
→ Consulting Fee: My hourly personal consulting/coaching rate is $160/hour
→ Online Presence Analysis: $420 (social media/google only) to $640 (including website)

All together, that's between a $1,900 and $2,920 value. 

However, the price for the whole package is just 1 payment of $995 or 2 payments of $525.

Did I mention the guarantee? If you're not 100% in love with this experience or your photo, I refund your full fee. This is my way of showing you how confident I am of the value this experience will deliver.

If you've been putting it off, here's your chance to get a great, professional video that captures your unique brand... not to mention you'll get personal help to deploy and track your consistent and aligned personal online brand.

Date: By appointment only

Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay all up front = $995
Option 2: Pay $525 now, and $525 upon delivery of video. 

To Register: Call or email Jessica Lurie (888) 531-3830 or jessica@mivistainc.com

As soon as you sign up, we start working. I'll start doing my homework on you online, and we'll set up a phone call to discuss your objectives and to start defining your brand, and discuss what to bring to the workshop: wardrobe choices, props if you need them and business materials. 

We've heard about some problems paying with Paypal. Call or email Jessica Lurie for alternate payment instructions: (888) 531-3830 or jessica@mivistainc.com.


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