Michelle's Breakthrough Brainstorming Guide

“Brainstorms are fun to lead and attend. They build teamwork. They feel productive. But, they usually don't work.” – Alan Rosenspan

From our criminal justice system to our judicial processes, our educational structures to our political system, the value of “teams” is possibly one of the most deeply ingrained beliefs in American culture. 

In corporate America, teamwork involves brainstorming sessions and team-based project management; our criminal justice system relies on a jury of peers deliberating and arriving at a unanimous decision; Harvard Business School requires incoming MBAs join teams of people with whom they will work throughout their entire course of study; and few of us would argue the merits of democracy as the best way to run a government. 

In terms of “conventional wisdom,” most of us wholeheartedly buy into the notion that the best results arise when we get together as a team, receive loads of input and reach a consensus. So why is it that “people brainstorming individually produce more and higher-quality ideas than the same number of people brainstorming together.”? (Rosenspan)

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– Michelle Villalobos – 

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