Skip the 2 years, hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars...

Quickie MBA

I went to business school. I spent 2 years and over $50,000 to do it. That works out to about $297.62 per 3.5-hour class that I attended. I graduated top of my class with a 4.0 GPA. And you know what? Only a tiny percentage of what I learned was truly relevant to my business.

We spent hours upon hours learning about macroeconomic models and theoretical principles that will never apply to me, unless someday, somehow, I magically become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company (not on my radar).

In fact, some of the most important stuff, they didn't even address at all! There was no "sales class" or "networking class" or "personal branding class." And those would have been REALLY helpful.

So what I've put together is an intense one-day course with the things I DID learn during my MBA that have really made a difference, distilled down into USEFUL strategies and skills.

These are the principles that I come back to repeatedly for myself and for my clients. Things like having a clear, defined mission statement; developing sales and pricing strategies that work; presentation skills; financial analysis; and management techniques. And at MBA In A Day, I'm putting that together with what I've discovered on my own at the "School of Hard Knocks." 

You'll get the handful of things that were actually worth the $50,000 price tag. And you'll get it all in ONE day. 

What we'll cover:
Sales/Revenue Analysis - Learn an easy way to discover hidden patterns & revenue opportunities, plus a look at your pricing strategy/payment structure to see if it's as profitable as it could be.
SWOT Analysis - The SWOT is a basic MBA tool to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – there's a reason it's taught in every single MBA program.
* Presentation Skills/Public Speaking Skills - Get live coaching to quickly fix your public speaking faux pas, and develop a standard "commercial" that you can deliver anytime, anywhere, with confidence and ease.
* Management - How to motivate, incentivize and manage people to get them to "buy-into" your vision, offering or cause – this works for anyone, not just internal employees.

The QUICKIE MBA is a compact, intense, results-generating experience that we guarantee* will transform your business.

In honor of what I paid at business school for ONE 3.5-hour class, we are pricing this full day at the EXACT same price: $297.62. So for what I paid for one class at business school, you're going to get a full day chock full of a LOT more value – practical, applicable techniques and tools you can use right away. Guaranteed.*

* We offer a 100% performance guarantee on all programs. 
If you're not satisfied, we refund your full fee, always.

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